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I’ve been absent from the blogosphere lately due to a new job (!) that is definitely not my dream job but will do for now.  If there’s anything I’ve learned in the past year and a half, it’s that there’s a time for everything.  A time to do great things and a time to be humbled.  I’ve done great things, and I feel like the season has changed.  But I also know more great things are ahead, and that’s pretty exciting.  It’s a different time and a different season for lots of people in my life, and it’s kind of cool we can all do different things together, even though that sounds completely paradoxical!

But I have to say that I love the constants in my life, even the tiny little things.  Daily cups of hot tea, reading before I go to sleep, weekly chats with my best friend (who moves to Maine this week…yikes!) and cooking, of course.  Once I get in a better routine, I hope to do more cooking.  I’ve been doing the bare minimum lately and must admit that I made this almond butter weeks ago.  So here’s to hoping more food graces this blog with its presence soon!

*There is no strict recipe for this almond butter.  You can use as many almonds and as much chocolate as you want.  It’s really hard to mess up, unless you don’t process the almonds enough or somethingBut this is what I did:

Pour 1 cup of raw almonds and a pinch of kosher or sea salt into a food processor and let it go, go, go until you have almond butter.  It takes about 15 minutes or so and much pausing to scrape down the sides.  Melt your chocolate (I used about 1 ounce of 72% cacao ’cause that’s my favorite) and pour into the processor.  Whir it around until the chocolate is evenly dispersed.

So easy.  And so delicious.  I like it so much better than regular almond butter.  Hello, chocolate!

It’s especially good on bananas.  Or, as always, by the spoonful.